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Body Farm, a joint feature-length movie production between KVT Productions and Nickel 17 Films, follows an independent film company that sends a videographer ahead of a story to investigate a body farm where human decomposition is researched. The footage she sends back leads the rest of her team to follow her footsteps to uncover a grisly medical abyss.

Principal photography for the movie began in Spring 2015 when a group of Pittsburgh-area filmmakers came together under the joint direction of Nicholas LaMantia and Brandon Keenan. Working from a script by Mr. Keenan, the production team, which ranged in size from five crew members to forty-five members, shot one or two days per month over the next two years to make Body Farm a reality. 

With a budget of around $35,000 and completely self-funded, the cast and crew shot all around the Pittsburgh-area, at the West Virginia State Penitentiary, through the mountains of North Carolina, and in New York City. Body Farm's cast was filled out mostly by Pittsburgh-area actors aside from a cameo from Richard Christy (Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, The Howard Stern Show). 

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