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April 6, 2023: Listen to Their Screams Podcast gave Body Farm a 3/5 here. Thanks, guys!

March 14, 2023: The Movie Mustache Average Guy Movie Review said about Body Farm, "with its excellent make-up effects and claustrophobia-inducing shooting style, fans of the genre will find it to be a particularly chilling and gory nightmare." Read the review here

March 1, 2023: The CreepyCrap Podcast gave a micro review of Body Farm here on Spotify and here on iTunes. 

March 4, 2020: Michael Therkelsen and The Horror Society reviewed Body Farm here.

***Disclosure: Producer and Co-director Nicholas LaMantia served as editor on Michael's short novel "One Long Night."

March 3: 2020: The Zisi Emporium for B Movies put up a nice review of Body Farm here

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